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Every year there is a growing number of studies on the use of stem cells in medicine. There are also progenitor stem cells in the skin tissue including fibroblasts and keratinocytes. When damaged, fibroblasts begin to actively divide and differentiate, forming a multilayer structure of normal skin.The process of differentiation and reproduction of cells is regulated by so-called growth factors. Introducing growth factors into the wound can cause active differentiation and cell growth that will close the wound surface.

Novaskin Llc. is involved in the development and research of two innovative wound healing drugs:

– a biomedical cell product (BMCP) based on cell growth factors for wound healing, burns and trophic ulcers (including diabetes complications);

– A biomedical cell product using stem cells to treat wounds.

Main areas of application: traumatology, plastic surgery, treatment of deep wounds and extensive skin lesions, trophic ulcers in the elderly, diabetics.

Both BMCP are binary drugs that are prepared immediately before the beginning of treatment. Either growth factors or stem cell suspension can be used as the active component. BMCP have a powerful regenerative effect on the tissues of the body due to the impact directly on the regulatory processes of cells and stimulation of their proliferation, thereby contributing to the rapid healing of wounds.

Biomedical cell products