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Novaskin Llc. is an innovative biotechnology company engaged in the development, research and manufacturing of new highly effective medicines and cosmetics.

The company provides a full cycle of development of innovative products:

– Development of technology for API production
– Development of manufacturing formulae (ointment or spray)
– Product performance and safety testing
– Development and implementation of quality control methods
– Intellectual property protection.

The company’s developments are based on the healing properties of natural products, as well as the latest advances in bioorganic chemistry and molecular biology to achieve the highest efficiency.

Long-term work of the scientific team of the company has led to the creation of a number of innovative products, including a new thrombolytic agent for external use and gel for skin regeneration and treatment of soft tissue defects.

Tests indicate the high efficiency of the developed products. Yet scientific research continues to understand how the useful properties of products can be changed to further improve their quality and safety.

Who We Are