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Who We Are

Novaskin Llc. is an innovative biotechnology company engaged in the development, research and manufacturing of new highly effective medicines and cosmetics. The company provides a full cycle of development



Science Collaboration

We cooperate with the leading scientific and educational centers of Russia –  Moscow State University, Perm State Research University, Institute of Theoretical And Experimental Biophysics, GosNIIGenetika-Kurchatov




When developing innovative products the company strives to use a minimum of substances of artificial origin. All active ingredients used in the products are of natural origin or obtained by biotechnological methods



Intellectual Property

The company pays special attention to ensuring legal purity and protection of intellectual rights to technologies that are developed and used in its innovative products. The company owns the exclusive rights to all of its major developments. Some of the technologies are currently at the stage of patenting in Russia and abroad. All main technological methods are know-how.


All key employees of the company have specialized medical, pharmaceutical or biotechnological education. 70% of employees have Ph.D. or Doctor’s degree.


The company has reliable partners among public and private Russian institutions. Financial support of the company is provided by the Fund for Assistance to Small Innovation Enterprises and private venture investors.

About us

Novaskin is a company which helps people to maintain healthy and active lifestyle!

Latest news
11Aug 22

A new patent was obtained

RF patent No. 2777167 was obtained for the invention "Method of obtaining a remedy for eliminating skin defects and treating…

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