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A Key To Success

The key to the success of our developments is a deep scientific idea that underlies each of them. Methods of treatment and drugs have been developed for many years by leading scientific laboratories, which now continue to improve our products

Market Optimization

We work closely with our future clients – patients and physicians-to identify market needs and improve our products.

Maximum Of Opportunities

Our product line includes medical technologies for treatment various diseases. Drugs perfectly complement each other, covering a wide range of pathologies from simple cosmetic procedures to serious complications of cardiovascular diseases and degenerative joint diseases. And all this is under a single management and production control

Quality Control

We pay great attention to the methods of quality control of drugs, conduct preclinical and clinical trials in full compliance with the requirements of medical legislation and regulation bodies.

Novaskin - A Great Start For New Ideas!

Novaskin Limited Liability Company (Novaskin Llc.) – the Russian innovative biotech company specializing in development of medicines for treatment of a wide range of skin diseases, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes complications, thrombophlebitis, phlebothrombosis, degenerative diseases of joints.

Our Team Of Specialists

Teamwork is a key to successful work of our company. Each of our employees is a professional in its area of competence. Among them there are certified medical practitioners and scientists. Therefore, our company staff gives you comprehensive advice on any issues related to our innovative developments.

We guarantee you fruitful cooperation from the first days of working together!

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